Our Team

  • Le Van Len - Mr. Len
    Le Van Len - Mr. Len Founder and General Manager Trained in Tourism at Ha Noi National University, Len  followed a passion for travel in his studies. After graduating, he worked as tour guide, tour director traveling throughout Asia and European countries. Len started Lac Viet Travel in a tiny office in the old quarter of  Hanoi, and has since grown the company to one of the best and most respected travel companies in Viet Nam – Indochina. Never one to forget his roots, Len continues to hold community growth and responsible tourism close to his heart – a commitment that follows through in his work with Lac Viet Travel.
  • Nguyen Thi Minh Ly- Mrs. Lee
    Nguyen Thi Minh Ly- Mrs. Lee Co-Founder and Managing Director Graduated at Ha Noi Cultural University in tourism. Started business together with Len. Ly has more than 20 years senior management experience with extensive working knowledge of the Indochina business travel market. She has worked in various roles and achieved great success in strategic growth and business expansion, winning accolades for her innovations in workplace culture and employee engagement.
  • Nguyen Thi Bich Hanh – Mrs. Anna Hanh
    Nguyen Thi Bich Hanh – Mrs. Anna Hanh Regional Operations Manager After graduating at foreign language University in 2001, she started teaching French for primary school , and online travel before eventually joining Lạc Viet travel in 2010. Hanh is genuinely interested in creating innovative quality experiences for travellers and fellow Lac Viet Travel alike. She also strongly supports responsible travel through economically and environmentally sustainable operations.
  • Nguyen Thi Hang- Mrs. Hang Moon
    Nguyen Thi Hang- Mrs. Hang Moon Director of Sales Ask Viet Nam native Hang Moon what her favourite thing about travel is, and she’ll answer with a spirited “the people”! A travel expert with over decades of experience, Hang Moon blends her own travel experience with her talent for understanding travellers’ needs. Now, she helps create unique and fascinating journeys within her home country, the product of her unending dedication to incredible travel experiences!
  • Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong - Mrs. Julia
    Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong - Mrs. Julia Senior Sales Manager Now with deep local knowledge and astounding passion for travel, Julia is an integral part of responsible tourism and experience within Laos and Cambodia – Countries to which she is deeply committed. Julia is a tried-and-true travel expert who has been a part of creating unforgettable itineraries in indochina for decades. Always on the hunt for new destinations, new experiences and new opportunities, Julia is a big part of Lac Viet Travel ’ constant growth and change – and holds responsible travel and sustainability close to her heart.
  • Dinh Thi Thu Thuy - Mrs. Emily
    Dinh Thi Thu Thuy - Mrs. Emily Supervisor sales advisor With a decades of experience within the travel industry, Emily has a deeply personal connection with travel in her native country of Viet Nam. She counts working within travel a golden opportunity to help connect visitors to the cultures, religions, history and destinations of her home. It’s this personal dedication that makes her an integral part of the Lac Viet Travel team!
  • Dang Mai Trang – Mrs. Tracy
    Dang Mai Trang – Mrs. Tracy Regional Senior sales With her passion in travel since she was at school.Her dream to introduce her beautiful country to world  travellers.Tracy brings energy and excitement to the Lac Viet Travel team. With a soft spot for people and local culture in her home country, Tracy is at the centre of Lac Viet Travel commitment to customer experience – and has a real knack of putting a smile on the faces of every person she meets.

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