Rainfall Waterfall (Vo Nhai, Thai Nguyen) - A beautiful fairy hidden in the green forest

Vo Nhai (Thai Nguyen) is not only a land rich in revolutionary traditions, but also a place to preserve many cultural features of ethnic minorities. This land is also endowed by nature with many limestone mountains creating beautiful landscapes. Prominent among them is Rainfall waterfall (also known as Nam Rut waterfall) located in Kim Son hamlet, Than Sa commune, Vo Nhai district.

             Rainfall Waterfall - Fairy scene between majestic mountains and forests

The waterfall is located right next to the road leading to Than Sa commune. True to the name "falling rain", the waterfall only appears majestic and fierce in the rainy season. In the dry season, the waterfall puts on a strange calmness with a small stream of water. All of them create a charming watercolor painting that attracts visitors. After the rain, the sun is beautiful, under the reflection of the sun's rays, the waterfall appears as a colorful rainbow, blending with the immense green of the green forest to form a colorful picture. among thousands of tourist attractions. Arriving here, visitors find it hard to resist the majestic beauty of nature and do not forget to take pictures as a souvenir.

Standing at the foot of the waterfall looking up, visitors can admire the waterfall tens of meters high with white water bands like clouds pouring down and feel the coolness of the steam on the skin and hair, listen to melodious sound and breathe in the fresh, fresh air that this place brings. All create a majestic but equally dreamy landscape.

The area at the foot of the waterfall is Than Sa river. Visitors can freely bathe, but to ensure safety, you should equip yourself with life jackets.

                                  The beauty of Rainfall Falls from every angle

Besides admiring the beauty of Raindrop waterfall, visitors can also visit some other destinations in Than Sa commune such as: Than Sa archaeological relic site, Bay Floor waterfall or in combination with other attractions. Other tourist attractions in Vo Nhai district such as: Phuong Hoang eco-tourism site; Mo Ga village community tourist spot and enjoying cuisine with dishes with mountain flavor... All will create for visitors a complete and attractive experience tour.